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The world is a fragile place, full of risks and uncertainty

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SaaS Products

MetricsLed SaaS products support applications used by governments, donors, and consulting firms to resource, deploy, deliver, and assess aid and other social/economic and security programming.

Built specifically for the aid industry, now you can:

  • Afford proven tech with minimal upfront investment
  • Scale easily at an enterprise, team, or individual project level
  • Unshackle people from back-office admin
  • Use data to deliver impact on the ground
MetricsLed Project

Manage the end-to-end project lifecycle, from proposal application to evaluation and contracting. Plan programmes, measure performance over time, identify and manage risk and compliance, and demonstrate results. Dashboard views put you in control of your activities, supply chain, and project portfolio.

  • 1,200+ live users
  • £750 million of grant applications evaluated in last 12 months
  • 6,000+ programme reviews
  • Working with 2,000 organisations
  • Hardened for use in restricted, kinetic, hard to reach, and over the horizon settings
MetricsLed Deploy

Manage all aspects of deployment; from vetting, security, and insurance through to contracting, travel, logistics, and invoicing. Gain a strategic global overview of your personnel, their activities, and their costs.

  • Active across 79 countries
  • Active deployees 694
  • 9,452 submitted invoices
  • 660,000+ hours invoiced
  • 37,600+ expenses claimed in 99 currencies
MetricsLed Deploy Dashboard

Our Experience

Working to deliver impact since 2011

MetricsLed SaaS products and bespoke systems have application across development, diplomatic and defence operations. They have been used extensively in fragile states in support of humanitarian and stabilisation operations.

MetricsLed bespoke software is used by governments to deliver significant global programmes. In the last three years OPERATE has been used to manage and deliver hundreds of millions of pounds in aid for the British Government in response to humanitarian emergencies and pandemics. ENGAGE has been used by both US and UK Government agencies to track and support complex peace negotiations or track and counter extremist narratives across traditional and social media in a range of geographies.

MetricsLed also offers advisory services direct to government. We advise on cyber security and the application of software and technology to meet emerging challenges and to improve the delivery of policy and the provision of services. Our experts deploy new technologies and emerging techniques such as OSINT and Geospatial analysis to solve previously intractable problems. MetricsLed has worked extensively across issues such as:

  • Predictive analytics
  • Cyber security
  • Countering disinformation, and
  • Digital harm