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MetricsLed PROJECT

Plan, deliver, assess, adapt, and learn

Purpose-built for the aid sector, MetricsLed PROJECT brings together your tasks, projects and programmes – and the processes that support them – in a single secure management platform.

  •  1,200 + live users
  • 750 million pounds of grant applications evaluated in last 6 months
  • Over 6,000 programme reviews
  • Working with 2,000 organisations
  • Supported over UK £ 200 million of aid spending in last 24 months
  • Hardened for use in restricted, kinetic, hard to reach and over the horizon settings

MetricsLed PROJECT

  • Say goodbye to the clunk of spreadsheets and multi-app project management…
  • Smash through siloes to pull your data together and make it work for you at the centre and in the field
  • Link activities, deliverables and evidence to budgets and claims to keep work schedules and payments on time
  • …with MetricsLed PROJECT, the only system that provides full and interoperable procurement, delivery, financial and MEL suites in one platform
MetricsLed Project Diagram

Saas Software

MetricsLed PROJECT is a SaaS software solution that brings the speed, scalability, and efficiency of the Cloud to project management. It can be deployed at project, portfolio, and enterprise levels.

  • Dashboarding
  • Grant Making and Due Diligence
  • Work Planning and Delivery Monitoring
  • Budget Tracking, Claims Processing and Forecasting
  • Risk Management
  • Supply Chain Compliance
  • Monitoring, Evaluation, Assessment and Learning


  • Set-up template dashboards for details of projects and grants; spend, forecasts and variances; risks; and project highlights
  • Build custom dashboards with controlled access for different audiences, incorporating indicator charts, tables, text, maps, risk matrices, and headline data
  • Aggregate data into programmes and portfolios

Grant Making and Due Diligence

  • Use the custom branded MetricsLed PROJECT grant portal to advertise opportunities and receive applications
  • Build your own business processes to automate application processing through to award and beyond
  • Set-up and process due diligence assessments for potential grantees
  • Use the grant dashboard and custom dashboard tools to track real-time progress

Work Planning and Delivery Monitoring

  • Create workplans incorporating deliverable and evidence requirements
  • Review and approve deliverables through automated workflows of your choice
  • Collaborate on revisions within the review process
  • Issue reminders for upcoming deliverables and follow-up on late submissions
  • View deliverable status across any project, programme, portfolio and partner for any time slice
  • Access all documents and evidence in one place

Budget Tracking, Claims Processing, and Forecasting

  • Create budgets linked to the workplans
  • Record awards, obligations and de-obligations, claims and repayments
  • Review claims with visibility of status of related deliverables and evidence
  • Update forecasts for changes in timing and amounts
  • Generate dashboards for overall status, variances and forward forecasts
  • Aggregate financial information into programme and portfolio reports
  • Optionally, on a custom basis connect to your ERP

Risk Management

  • Configure risk management parameters including likelihood and impact definitions and scores
  • Record risks and related actions in risk registers
  • See summarised risk information in likelihood/impact heatmaps
  • Add aggregated risk matrices to dashboards
  • Access all documents and evidence in one place

Supply Chain Compliance

  • Require partners to maintain profiles with organisational information and documentation
  • Use regular work-flowed assessments to monitor compliance
  • Monitor supply chain inclusion and diversity through partner profile reporting
  • Track aggregate awards to supply partners
  • See the supply chain in one place
  • View all partner performance assessments in one place

Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning

  • Set up frameworks to track impact, results, and output indicators
  • Build questionnaires to gather and review quantitative and qualitative progress data and supporting evidence
  • Compare performance against planned values over time and across projects and delivery partners
  • Aggregate indicators for user-defined programmes and portfolios
  • Create custom dashboards with charts of selected indicators
  • Add text, tables, maps and images to custom dashboards
  • Capture, curate, and publish lessons
  • Download charts and filtered extracts from data tables for inclusion in reports or further processing
  • Easily assemble data for internal and client reporting
  • Access all documents and evidence in one place

System and Security

PROJECT is designed and developed inside the scope of MetricsLed ISO9001 and ISO27001 accreditations

Two factor authentication is standard for the platform and is optionally available for the grant application portal. Other security measures include data encryption at rest and in transit

Independent UK National Cyber Security Centre accredited companies penetration test the system on a regular basis

PROJECT is hosted on the Microsoft™ Azure Cloud to ensure a minimum of 99.9% availability

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