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Compliance & risk

Our products demonstrably improve operational efficiencies and deliver data and analytics to inform decision-making. But they do much more than that, including helping organisations share the burden of compliance and mitigate risk:

  • MetricsLed platforms and applications provide systematic and tested approaches to meeting the challenges of compliance and accountability of spending aid money in unstable countries.
  • We’ve developed these approaches for some of the World’s most closely scrutinised actors, operating in some of the World’s most heavily contested spaces.
  • When things go wrong – and they do – organisations need to be prepared and be able to show all reasonable steps have been taken.
    • That a demonstrable risk management system is in place that meets or exceeds established best practice within the sector.
    • To retain accurate, up-to-date staff locations and contact details and to demonstrate that there are established processes for vetting and safeguarding.
    • To maintain data security in the most challenging of circumstances.
    • That you have reliable geospatial tracking in place to demonstrate that grants did reach their intended recipients and that sensitive funding or equipment didn’t fall into the hands of hostile or criminal elements.

Our platforms and technical support are designed to give leaders tested tools to ensure comfort and confidence in handling all these challenges – the ones that keep leaders awake at night – and to robustly prepare for, and manage, the external scrutiny that may follow.