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MetricsLed ENGAGE

Search, collect, ingest, process, analyse, visualise, and manage with ENGAGE


ENGAGE is a sophisticated Information Environment Assessment (IEA) platform that is used to support strategic communications operations across defence, development, or diplomatic spheres.

  • Build comprehensive understanding of the Informational Environment concerning own, earned, and hostile communications
  • Drive and manage major information operations and campaigns
  • Combine integrated data management, predictive analytics, and visual representation
  • Support analysts to rapidly identify and counter fake and negative messaging
  • Give analysts access to adaptive machine led learning and apply highly tooled processing power to your most relevant data sets
  • Share data across a global and regional frame to counter spill-over effect
  • Track historic events and messaging to prepare counter-narrative for later release to optimise impact
  • Cut through the noise to pin point upcoming threats and tag for targeted engagement
  • Manage vast media materials in ready-to-retrieve online tools
MetricsLed Engage Capabilities



  • Continuous analysis to enable better understanding of own, hostile and earned communications
  • Track narratives as they spread across space and over time
  • Support leader’s situational awareness and strategic anticipation requirements
  • Identify stakeholder & social groups dynamic behaviour on the IE


  • Support analysts in assessing and visualising the data and information
  • Client configured to consider ‘share of voice’ metrics by theme, actor, media analytics, geospatial etc.
  • Share of voice metrics run across core media record set: text, URL, video, picture etc.
  • Standardised approaches to monitoring, collecting, processing, and sharing information before it is assessed
  • Structured data, automated processes
  • All data tagged, organised, filed and secured within a central media library
  • Blob storage underpins massive storage capacity to handle and store all sizes of media file

How it works

  • ENGAGE is a modifiable-off-the-shelf (MOTS) platform designed to be accessed globally and to interoperate with existing systems
  • ENGAGE is configured to meet the needs of the client agency or government. It can be configured to target type of hostile actor or extremist narratives and allows for a focus on particular geographies, extremist ideologies, groups, and language sets
  • The nature of the technology and its information outputs means that the use of this platform is restricted to clients and programming supported by the UK, US and closely allied NATO and Five Eyes governments


The first generation of ENGAGE was developed to facilitate and track the delivery of finance and equipment to Western-backed groups during a complex and violent civil war.

The complexity of the conflict and the large number of good, grey, and bad actors required us to develop tools to map the conflict in real time and to track incidents, alliances, and changes of territory.

After the platform was rolled out across the region, we were asked to develop tools to track particular groups and to track information narratives that originated from these groups and the reach, impact, and influence those narratives. The software that we developed for this in 2016/17 forms the foundations on which ENGAGE has been built and expanded.

ENGAGE is used across a range of geographies and supports operations and programmes in Francophone Africa, the Horn of Africa, and the Middle East.

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MetricsLed ENGAGE has been designed to support the work of US, UK, NATO and other closely allied governments. Talk to us about your requirements for a bespoke solution using ENGAGE. Our tried and trusted platform delivers next generation capabilities at an affordable price.

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