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Our capabilities

MetricsLed is a software company

MetricsLed works across the humanitarian, development, defence, and diplomatic space. We offer platforms and applications in two broad areas: operational management and data insight.  MetricsLed also provides specialist advisory services.

Our SaaS Platforms

We operate on an enterprise licence model and offer secure, cloud-based solutions that are modular, customisable, and scalable. Our platforms MetricsLed DEPLOY and MetricsLed PROJECT are licensed SaaS products. These provide complementary and complete end-to-end operational management systems for organisations and the programmes that they support. Through our PROJECT and DEPLOY platforms MetricsLed provides tools to support:

  • Project management and delivery
  • Project reporting
  • Compliance
  • Logistics
  • Financial management of projects and forecasting
  • Invoicing
  • Timesheets
  • On-boarding and HR
  • Supply chain verification
  • Risk management
  • Storage and warehouse management
  • Grant management
  • Vetting and security clearance
  • Safeguarding and identity verification

Our Bespoke Platforms

MetricsLed also designs and maintains bespoke solutions for clients. MetricsLed ENGAGE and MetricsLed OPERATE are bespoke solutions that can be configured to meet the needs of its client agency.

MetricsLed OPERATE is a platform for the management and delivery of humanitarian and emergency supplies globally. The MetricsLed OPERATE platform is the base technology that is used to manage and coordinate the British Government’s cross-Whitehall response to disasters and humanitarian emergencies.

MetricsLed ENGAGE, provides an Information Environment Assessment (IEA) platform and suite of supporting tools. Its applications support data insight operations – such as tracking, analysing, and countering of misinformation/disinformation.  We are using the ENGAGE platform to support IEA operations in a range of geographies.


MetricsLed offer advisory services direct to government and private clients.  Much of our work has focussed on the setting up or delivery of tech/software components of larger aid and humanitarian programmes.

MetricsLed have also advised extensively on issues relating to cybersecurity. We have advised a number of countries in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa on cyber security planning and architecture. We have a number of ongoing assignments in this area and are working with a number of executive and central government agencies to strengthen the state response to cyber threats.

We also have many years of experience of providing software to support strategic communications operations such as those that aim to counter violent extremism or mis/disinformation.

We maintain a roster of security cleared experts with established skills across the spectrum of cyber security, CVE and countering digital harm.