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Our story

Our story began in 2003. During reconstruction operations in Iraq our directors’ observed limitations and practical problems imposed by language barriers, naming conventions, and analogue working practices.

Problems to Solve

In Iraq and subsequent assignments in Afghanistan, Nigeria, Libya, and many other conflict and post-conflict locations, our directors saw first-hand the huge amount of data generated by complex projects. They experienced the challenges caused by poor data quality and no data hygiene, data that’s fragmented and can’t be integrated, and locked in disparate systems and formats.

In the years that followed, their conviction grew that those involved in the aid and humanitarian sector tend to undervalue or poorly invest large sums in technology. Through their work with consultancies, they worked with many of the sectors largest prime contractors and experienced first hand the problems of unwieldy in-house systems, systems that can’t forecast accurately or which can’t be integrated or talk to one another.

These suboptimal outcomes are amplified and reinforced by clunky and unworkable interfaces for front line operatives, the poor data that comes with an overreliance on manual entry spreadsheets, and the eye-watering costs of annual IT licencing.

Underpinning these challenges is the growing frustration of professionals within the industry at the poor use of technology in the sector. These frustrations centre on the continuing application of 20th-century ‘boomer’ software and analogue systems to the challenges of the 21st century.

MetricsLed was founded to address this problem set.

Our Solutions

We have spent more than 10 years developing bespoke solutions to these problems for a range of major public and private sector clients. We are now pleased to offer secure, cloud-based solutions that are modular, customisable, and scalable. Our solutions are quick to deploy, cost a fraction of bespoke development, and are designed to meet the needs of new players and SMEs as well as established agencies.

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