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Why MetricsLed?

Industry Specific

Our software is not repurposed from generic commercial use. It’s all been built in-house by sector specialists to serve the real world needs of the aid, development and diplomatic sectors.

We Know the Aid Industry

We speak your language. You can be confident that we understand logframes, contractors codes of conduct and the challenges of forecasting for PBR contracting. You don’t need to explain the market to us, we know the processes you need to follow.

Cleared and Discrete

MetricsLed has current experience of working on restricted and sensitive programmes for UK, US, other Five Eyes and NATO clients. We bring security cleared staff and a track record of being retained to deliver such programmes over the long term.

Manageable Budgets and Payments

We understand our clients may have different budget cycle and payment requirements that they must follow to meet their agency or government spending regulations. MetricsLed is ready to work with your team to setup feasible payment schedules in your preferred currency. If required we’ll also be able to work with UKEF to offer you flexible payment terms particularly on large scale BESPOKE solutions where payment post-delivery of work is the norm.

Database to Data Lake

We have the scale and capability to develop enterprise class databases that are secure, resilient and ready to ingest data from small operational projects all the way to data lake where we store global data on incidents dating from 1997.