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MetricsLed DEPLOY

The Complete Platform for Field Personnel Deployment

Take the strain out of recruiting, deploying, and managing advisers, contractors, and field personnel on technical assistance and humanitarian programmes. Harnessing the power of the Microsoft™ Azure Cloud, DEPLOY makes all critical deployment information available immediately, so you can confidently engage, task, deploy, manage, and pay those tasked with delivery.

MetricsLed Deploy Dashboard

MetricsLed DEPLOY - Benefits for Everyone

Project Managers

Quick and intuitive access to a single source of data and documentation for all aspects of deployment and first in class dashboarding to keep track of the location, work-flow, tasking, and security of your teams in real time


Supports personnel deployments in complex or fragile field environments, across multiple categories of staff in multiple locations with rigorous vetting, background checks, and work history

Contractors & Advisers

Enjoy seamless onboarding and deployment with quick and intuitive smartphone and web access to log time, expenses and submit invoices

The Board

Delivers wide ranging operational advantages while managing risk, safeguarding and duty of care obligations

Security Team

Dependable accuracy of exact location and contact details of all your staff and contractors in real-time

Legal Team

Ensures confidence that all legal aspects of compliance and regulations are adhered to

Benefits of MetricsLed DEPLOY

In a highly competitive global market, DEPLOY helps reduce costs and improve operational efficiency.

  • Simplifying and automating activity logging and invoicing makes demonstrating value for money easier and speeds up invoice payment
  • Applying a consistent and effective approach to managing contractors in the field, positively reinforces relationships and underpins the professionalism of your field operations

Flexible Project Planning and Management

Create and manage multiple projects easily. From uploading project documents like terms of reference to setting currencies and cost codes for expenses, get all the relevant information collated and published quickly and easily.

  • Create multiple projects
  • Assign and control access to projects
  • Upload project documents for advisers (e.g. deployment instructions, operational guidelines, contact lists)
  • Specify project currencies for expenses
  • Select project expense cost codes from your master cost codes list or the system default list
  • Option to permit project managers to amend cost code descriptions to provide clarity
  • Set Per Diem rates and specify permitted working days in a week, by project, in any currency for ‘In Country’, ‘Out of Country’ and ‘In Transit’ locations

People Management Made Easy

Using the Engagement Management Module administrators and project managers can review projects and the personnel assigned to them. All this information is held in the system, so it just takes a mouse click to retrieve the depth of detail required when running financial planning.

  • Specify terms of reference, employment status, insurance, deployment start and end dates, days available, and pay rates when inviting a person to join a project
  • Easily amend the above components and submit engagement modifications
  • Terminate engagements by permission
  • Enable consultants to review their engagement details, and accept or decline the job
  • Allow consultants to log time and expenses at work-stream level within a project, increasing the level of detail available to consultancies when undertaking financial planning

Accurate Record Keeping

When you need detailed time and expense records, DEPLOY delivers. Time can be logged in 15-minute increments against projects and notes can be included against each entry. Easily drill down into expense claims and view smartphone captured receipt images.

  • Consultants and advisers can log time in 15-minute increments against assigned projects
  • Access details of your consultants’ and advisers’ expense claims using smartphone captured images of the receipts
  • Time and expense logs allow VAT to be added where necessary
  • Expense records can be linked to your consultancy cost codes with your permission
  • Notes can be provided by your consultants and advisers against all entries
  • Consultants and advisers must enter notes if they work on a day not normally permitted

Reliably Accessible

DEPLOY’s secure web accessible system allow consultants and advisers to log activity anywhere, anytime. Optimised to run on slow or intermittent internet connections, logging time and expenses on-the-go is easy, even without a data connection.

Speed the Invoice Approval and Payment Process

Build trust and confidence among your consultants and advisers by processing and paying invoices quickly and accurately.

  • Consultants and advisers can create and review detailed invoices in a uniform and clear format
  • Invoices include:
    – time logs
    – expense and Per Diem claims
    – currency conversions and exchange rates
    – explanatory notes (e.g. for working on non-permitted days)
    – payee bank details
    – auto valid exchange rate calculations
  • Quicker consolidation of data for client invoices with audit trail
  • Report and data export functionality helps identify consultants requesting payments to new or different bank accounts
Reliably Accessible

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